Dear Science Parents/Students,

The best way to contact me is through email, not phone. During school hours please use: and after school hours please use the email link on the side bar.

Science Matters,

Cheryl Wilson

Reminder 1:

All of my periods are be named after colleges for easy referencing. This is in case of a disruption in scheduling that would cause a class not to meet.

Reminder 2:

No credit will be given for work done in ink.
Any assignment submitted in ink will not be given any credit. For credit, the student must copy the work done in ink on notebook paper and staple the ink copy and turn in both copies. Answers must be the same as the ink copy. Grade in GradeSpeed will then be corrected. Practice work is given most nights. Please check your child's agenda to see that it has been completed. Also you may check the Science Homework Link.


EMAIL: 1) When you e-mail me, please put your child's name in the subject box. Just click Email link and send!!!

DO NOT use this email link during school hours. It will cause a delay in answering. This account is only reviewed in off school hours.

Thank you.