TUTORIALS:  Thursday morning 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM and after school by prior arrangement!

Welcome to 8th grade United States History! This syllabus will help you get an idea of how our class 
runs, what we expect of you, and how to be successful in this course. We are looking forward to 
getting to know all of you and working together to have a fantastic year!

Contact Information
	Laurel A. Sanborn    	PH# 281-996-6200    	RM 8217
Conference Time: 3rd period

In U.S. History this year you will:

•	Maintain a class notebook to organize important notes, assignments, and handouts
•	Use maps, charts, and atlases to find and understand important information
•	Increase your knowledge of U.S. History
•	Increase your knowledge of U.S. Government and the Constitution

•	Work collaboratively with others
•	Visit the computer lab
•	Communicate with others through letters, emails, and digital media presentations
•	Create a research presentation
•	Successfully prepare for and take the STAAR test
… and so much more!

Rules and Consequences:

In order to accomplish all of our goals and objectives, we need to have a safe and orderly classroom. 
The following rules are probably not new to you:

1.	Treat yourself, your classmates, your teacher, and the classroom with respect at all times.
2.	Be in your seat, prepared, and ready to learn when the bell rings.
3.	Keep hands, feet, objects, and discourteous remarks to yourself.
4.	Follow all school rules.

1.	Warning and/or loss of class privileges 
2.	30 minute Lunch Detention (parents notified)
3.	After School Detention (parents notified) 
4.	Principal’s Office (parents notified)

** For severe/repeat offenses, it may be necessary to go directly to the more serious consequences.**
Policies and Procedures:

The following policies and procedures are in place to help you make the most of your time in class.

1.	Entering the classroom – When you enter the classroom, you will immediately begin your warm 
up or vocabulary activity. You should be in your seat, silent, and working before the bell rings in 
order to be counted as present and on time. If you are late to class, you will be asked to sign the 
Tardy Log. 

2.	Leaving Class – Occasionally, everyone forgets something, needs to use the restroom, or get a 
drink of water.  It is your responsibility to ensure that this is an infrequent occurrence. If this begins 
to happen too often (as decided by your teacher), there may be consequences including loss of 
privileges, contact with parents, or even detention.

3.	“No Name” Work and Late Work – 20 points will be deducted for any assignment turned in one 
day late.  Assignments turned in two days late will be assessed a penalty of 50 points. An assignment 
turned in with no name (that has to be identified by the student after the due date) will be considered 
late and receive 20 points off accordingly. For major assignments and projects, this policy may 
change. You will be given notice when it does.

4.	Group Work – We will work in groups very frequently in here. Most of the time, I will pick the 
groups. Sometimes, you will pick the groups. You will lose any group picking or partner picking 
privileges for an indefinite amount of time when you whine about assigned groups! It is important 
that everyone learn to work with everyone else in the class for many reasons.

5.	Written Compositions – Each nine weeks you will be required to complete at least one written 
composition (essay, short story, blog, poem, letter, etc.). These assignments are expected to reflect 
the quality of writing that you would turn in for a language arts class…that means correct usage of 
paragraphs, punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc.

6.	Computer Lab Time – We will visit the computer lab often in this class to complete online 
quizzes and activities, work on research, design digital presentations, and type our written 
compositions. You will have the option to work on some of your computer-based assignments at 
home, but computer lab time will be provided during class for all students. In addition, if you need 
extra time to work on the computer, I can schedule time before/after school for students to come 
and work in the FJH computer labs. Please speak with me to arrange for extra computer time. 

7.	Major Tests – Each nine weeks will conclude with a major grade test that includes the objectives 
assigned to that particular grading period. There will typically be one more test or project assigned 
during the first part of the grading period so that you will have one major grade already included in 
your progress report.

8.	Student Electronics in Class – Students are allowed to use personal electronic devices 
(iPods/mp3 players, e-readers/tablets, cell phones, etc.) in my classroom for academic purposes only 
WHEN PERMISSION IS GIVEN by the teacher. This will be announced in class. Electronic devices that are 
used in class without permission or for an inappropriate purpose will still be taken up and 
consequences imposed. Students who bring their electronics to class do so at their own risk and 
should be careful to avoid theft, damage, and lost items. 

9.	Grade Calculations – According to Friendswood ISD your grade calculations are as follows:
A 	90-100
B 	80-89
C 	75-79
D 	70-74
F 	69 and below


The following supplies should be with you everyday in class:
1.	US History Spiral 
2.	Pencil and eraser
3.	Pen (black or blue only)
4.	Notebook Paper
5.	Student Planner or Organizer (to record assignments)
6.	Colored pencils, markers, or crayons (optional…but if you don’t like my freebie colors, bring 
your own. ☺)

Thank you for helping to make this a great year!