Mrs. Chumley's Shark WebQuest, Fact or Fiction?

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                            Who Will You Be?

Decide what character you wish to personify and maintain that perspective or 
point of view throughout the entire project:

1.  The victim who survived.
2.  The marine biologist called in to investigate alleged shark activity.
3.  The sheriff who must decide to close or keep the beaches open.
4.  The shark.

     You will be visiting websites to discover basic information about the 
habitat, senses, and diet of the Great White Shark.  Once you know a little 
more about the sharks, you will be given an opportunity to draw and label 
one.  Finally, you pretend to write a diary entry of the information you 
discovered and your decision about the attack if it was fact or fiction and 
include information you discovered and resources you used.  Be prepared to 
present your views to your classmates.

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