About Mr. Wyble

NAME: Mr. Shawn Everett Wyble

SCHOOL: Westwood-Bales School

SCHOOL PHONE: 281-482-3341

MY PHONE: 70swyble70

What is an "iCoach"?

The "i" stands for integration & instruction. This peer coach program 
is designed to help schools implement a professional development 
model that can enhance standards-based instruction by assisting 
teachers to offer students engaging, technology rich, learning activities. 

The program trains teachers to serve as peer coaches for colleagues. 
As coaches, these educators assist their peers in identifying ways that 
technology can strengthen classroom curriculum and enhance their 
students’ academic achievement. They also help their colleagues to 
develop the necessary technology skills and instructional strategies 
needed to integrate technology into teaching and learning.

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*Communication & Collaboration     *Research & Information Fluency 
*Creativity & Innovation                   *Tech. Concepts & Operations
*Critical thinking & Problem-solving  *Digital Citizenship & Safety
*Fluency in Various Applications      *Interactive Boards & Tablets
*Cool Tools for Schools                   *Google Apps for Education             
*Transforming Teaching with Tech.  *Top Tech Tools for Tots

Assist teachers to develop the skills and strategies needed for 
   classroom use of technology by:
*Planning technology rich activities or projects with individual teachers
*Assessing and improving lesson design
*Identifying resources or strategies necessary for successful 
   learning activities
*Modeling lessons that integrate technology & engaging 
   learning strategies
*Team teaching a lesson
*Providing encouragement and support
*Develop and manage the District's technology assets on 
   behalf of students, faculty, and taxpayers.

Master's Degree, Elementary Education - University of Alabama
Bachelor's Degree, Journalism - Northwestern State University