Blue Tent Online

internet-tree-3.jpgFrom Shakespeare to Steinbeck, from neurons to nuclei, join homeschooled students who are as eager to learn, discuss, and debate as you are.  In Blue Tent Online classes, you will work actively with class friends from around the corner and across the country. The asynchronous format allows you to decide how to schedule your time within each week. You'll have the flexibility to weave assignments and discussions into your other academic, extracurricular, and family activities. All Blue Tent Online classes are highly interactive, so you'll be chatting with your classmates and teacher every week, getting to know them all very well—but on your own timetable. 

Blue Tent Online classes are designed for students who love to learn and want to share and compare with grade-level peers. Blue Tent instructors are just as excited to be teaching and learning right along side you! We have educational degrees and professional backgrounds in the subject areas we teach, and we've had lots of experience leading seated and online classes over the years.  Most importantly, we understand homeschoolers—because we've we've travelled the entire K-to-college journey with our own families!

We're currently updating our 2016-17 classes. Registration will open March 1st.
If you'd like an email when 2016-17 classes are all ready to go, please send us a note on the "QUESTIONS?" link to the left.
Stay tuned! We're planning an advanced middle school English class for 2016-17!