Blue Tent Feedback

Congrats to our hard working students! The 2017 AP scores are rolling in, and so far 83% of our AP English Lit and Lang test takers earned a "4" or a "5" on the latest exam. Over 80% of our AP students have earned a "4" or "5" in each of the last five years. See the 2017 national score distributions here for comparison.

 What parents and students are saying about Irene Paine's science classes:

  • I am so grateful and appreciative of Mrs. Irene's teaching and sharing her skills. Her attention to detail and preparing these students is amazing! Finding a high level science class online that my Senior Son has LOVED is a great way to finish his high school years! The knowledge he acquired in Anatomy & Physiology will support his Biochem major in college! ~Homeschooling Mom in CA

  •  We have used Irene Paine as our science instructor for the past 2 1/2 years. Her help has been an invaluable asset to our home schooling journey. Her instructions for Honors Biology, Honors Chemistry, and Anatomy & Physiology have been superb! She teaches her students to successfully write lab reports, conducts thorough labs and provides guidance for test prep. I think she has exceeded most parents’ expectations as she also takes care of the exams, grading, and student evaluations. I am grateful for her professional and caring service to my family. My kids will be well prepared for college level science and beyond! ~Homeschooling Mom

  • My daughter has taken science classes with Irene for three years, and we could not have been more pleased! Irene is very organized and efficient, and has high expectations for her students. My daughter has been challenged and has learned so much. Irene has been available to answer questions and she truly wants her students to do well. Irene has been an answer to prayer for our family - God-honoring science classes presented by a loving, God-honoring person.  ~Homeschooling Mom

  • Mrs. Irene goes above and beyond to make sure you know the material and understand it. She is patient and so willing to help! She has very high expectations, but she also has a ton of grace. Her classes are engaging and fun. I have loved being in her classes and wish I could take her to college with me!  ~Homeschooled Student

  • Irene Paine is an excellent science teacher!  Irene has a passion for science and she is very knowledgeable of the material that she is teaching. She is able to communicate her knowledge of the course material to the student, whether they love science or they just have to take it. She is well prepared for teaching the class with many visuals to aid the student’s understanding of the material. Both of my children have also learned to write a well-written lab report.  She is always available to help a student who needs more help understanding the course material. ~Homeschooling Mom

  • Irene has taught high school Honors Biology, Honors Chemistry, and Anatomy & Physiology to two of my children. While her honors classes are demanding, both my kids love her firm, but encouraging style. She is very organized, giving clear and concise instructions. She has spent time outside of class helping them understand particularly difficult concepts. I highly recommend Irene on every front!  ~Homeschooling Mom

What parents and students are saying about Brigid Thompson's English classes:

  • I would encourage anyone to enroll in Brigid Thompson’s English classes, with the assurance they will receive top-notch instruction from a highly qualified teacher who genuinely cares about her students' progress. Her feedback in invaluable, timely and prepares students for even top universities. Having 3 of my students in her AP Eng Lit, AP Lang and Comp, and Advanced English, I can attest to the high degree of instruction your student will receive. Expect their analytical writing and thinking skills to greatly improve. Brigid goes over and beyond. You will not find a teacher whose feedback on papers is more detailed and helpful. Her feedback alone is worth the cost of these courses, which are highly organized and structured. At the same time, she is willing to work with your student when life happens, encouraging them along the way and answering questions and critiquing college essays with “lightning speed.”  I highly recommend Brigid Thompson and Blue Tent Online. ~DB, Homeschooling Mom

  • I highly recommend Brigid Thompson's English and literature classes. The content is both meaty and diverse. As a result, my son's writing ability vastly improved under her instruction and enthusiastic encouragement.  ~LH, Homeschooling Mom

  • My daughter took the online AP English Lit and Comp taught by Brigid Thompson, and I cannot say enough good things about it!  Mrs. Thompson was an excellent teacher, and my daughter felt very well prepared to take the AP exam a few weeks ago.  The book selection was great, the work load reasonable, and the comments and corrections made on her papers by Mrs. Thompson were very helpful and insightful.  My daughter thoroughly enjoyed this class, and we recommend it highly.  ~JS, Homeschooling Mom

  • Mrs. Thompson is by far my favorite teacher!  Class discussions were typically deep and meaningful and designed to foster the ability to think critically.  I learned to love books (such as War and Peace) that I thought I would hate, and probably wouldn't have read if they hadn't been assigned.  ~KR, Homeschooled Student

  • My son participated in Ms. Thompson's Honors English class this past year. We found this class to be very well organized and simply an outstanding experience for him. His reading, writing, and literary analysis skills increased tremendously. Ms. Thompson always provided appropriate, timely and very helpful feedback for the work he submitted. I would highly recommend this class to anyone wishing to challenge their child and increase their knowledge and understanding of English literature. ~LM, Homeschooling Mom

  • As a high school senior (following her two years as Brigid's student), my daughter took English 111 from the community college, where her professor requested to use one of her essays as a sample for others to follow (most of whom were already high school graduates).  Brigid expects excellence from her students, and inspires and enables them to achieve it.  ~JR, Homeschooling Mom

  • Brigid Thompson's English class was truly a Godsend. My children take their writing very personally and it was getting hard for me to give them instruction in writing, no matter how constructive, without them taking it "the wrong way." But Brigid seems to know just the right way! Encouraging and uplifting on all fronts, be it writing, literature, grammar, vocabulary, or SAT prep, Brigid guides her students to reach their full potential and keeps the work interesting, engaging, and challenging.  ~CP, Homeschooling Mom

  • I got a 5, Mrs. Thompson! I honestly wasn't sure what to expect, and my college is very strict and only acknowledges fives, but it looks like I did it! Anyway, thank you for the amazing English class that helped me get there. I've had lots of tough English classes before, but yours was especially intensive, challenging, and stimulating.  ~DS, Homeschooled Student

 What parents and students are saying about Christine Proctor's English classes:

  • I've been so pleased with the content and quality of the class.  I love the detailed feedback you give . . . and I know that [my daughter’s] learned and grown so much through this class.  The course has certainly been a challenge for her, but I've been pleased with the effort she has put into her work.  We really like the format of the class and the interaction with the other students.  Thank you for being a dedicated and effective teacher!  ~DT, Homeschooling Mom

  • We are exceptionally pleased with your excellent class. The reading material has been challenging, varied, and interesting. You have consistently provided well organized assignments, and timely feedback on the many assignments. You have fostered energetic and positive class participation through the message boards and through the online chat sessions. [Our daughter] has improved in all areas of her English skills through this class. We are impressed how supportive and constructive you are as a teacher to the whole class, and even more so because this is a distance-learning online experience. ~ J & M, Homeschooling Parents

  • This is the best and most challenging English class I have ever taken and I am enjoying it immensely!! You have the best writing prompts, books, and you are the best editor I have EVER had!!  I mean, come onwho else would give back an essay with something like 116 comments on it. :) I love it!! I have never had a teacher tear apart my writing the way that you do, and I am simply adoring the challenge. I have seen my writing improve already this year, and I have a feeling that it will continue on that path. I really hope that you realize how much I adore your class. ~ Honors English Student

  • We are extremely glad that the format used by your Honors English class fits [our son’s] learning style very well.  The asynchronous nature, coupled with the highly interactive requirements of the class, keeps him accountable, yet provides him with a flexible schedule.  And the class seems to challenge him at the right level and makes him learn the English language in a more fun and comprehensive manner.  Truly, we could not have asked for more!  Thank you for challenging him and allowing him to grow at the same time. ~ J & S, Homeschooling Parents

  • As this semester is coming to a close, I would like to thank you for an excellent class.  My daughters say it is their favorite class!  I truly feel you have taken their writing to the next level. This has been my biggest struggle as a home schooling parent.  I have known they are good writers but didn’t know how to keep them progressing.  Thank you for pushing them to become even better. ~SM, Homeschooling Mom

  • Thank you for sending such a thorough and encouraging assessment of [our daughter’s] work and participation in your Honors English class. I appreciate the time you put into planning assignments and giving feedback and evaluations throughout the semester.  I can't imagine reading and evaluating papers for an entire class with the attention to detail and thoughtful feedback that you provide.  I think I can honestly say my daughter has never put more time into a class and has never been more challenged to push herself to do well.  I feel she is getting an experience that many kids don't experience until their first semester of college and I appreciate that it is happening now when we are here to encourage her and you are a teacher who is helpful and accessible.  ~MSF, Homeschooling Mom