2017-18 Registration

registration.pngTo register for open classes, complete the 2017-18 Registration Form. Please see the Tuition page for the status of open classes.

Students are welcomed into classes in the order that registrations are received, and you will be sent an email confirmation that a seat has been reserved.

Please note the age and grade guidelines and the prerequisites for all our classes on the Tuition page. brief writing sample is requested for Honors English 1 and 2, so you will be sent a prompt and instructions after you register for one of those classes. We request that you return the sample essay within one week. The Honors English instructor will respond back to your family within 2-3 days to confirm the class seat or to discuss the best class fit.

Tuition Payments
Tuition is due after we receive your registration and confirm a class seat. Tuition can be paid via PayPal.svg.png (an invoice will be emailed to you) or by check to Blue Tent Online, 7228 Mt. Pleasant Rd., Willow Spring, NC 27592.

Wait Lists
If a class is full, we will be happy to accept your registration and add your student to a wait list. No tuition payment is needed until a seat opens up. We will notify you of your student's place on the wait list and advise you of movement in the list. If we anticipate that we will be unlikely to accommodate additional students in a class, we will close a class roster rather than leave you in limbo.

Refund Policy
We will refund 100% of tuition--less $50--up to one week prior to the start of a class. We will refund 75% of tuition through the end of the first full week of class. After the first week of class, we will not refund tuition, since it will be unlikely that we'll be able to fill a vacant seat at that time (and most of our classes have wait lists over the summer). Thank you for your understanding.

Charter Schools
Blue Tent Online is an approved vendor for these California charters:
If you would like us to become a vendor for your homeschool charter, please email us at bluetentonline@gmail.com.

Class Dates
calendar.pngVisit individual class information pages for start and end dates. All website "classrooms" will open one week early, so students will have the option and opportunity to log in and test drive their classes.

The 2017-18 breaks for year-long classes:
      • Fall break: Oct 9 - 15
      • Christmas break: December 18 - January 1
      • Spring break: March 12 - 18