Mrs. Harrison's 3rd Grade Class

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Gifted and Talented

4th Grade Mini-Economy Day!

2nd and 3rd Graders Experiment!

Virginia Safari Park Slideshow

The Fourth grade students did a wonderful job of creating and performing skits for the kindergarteners, first and second grade students. The students skits included the inappropriate and the apporpriate ways to act on the bus, in the hall, in the classroom and in the cafeteria. Check them out in the September 10th issue of the Amelia Bulletin Monitor!!!







a poem by Judith K. Schulze

Golly! I just took a test That says I'm different from the rest. What am I? Well, I must confess... I'm "gifted."

The psychologist said right from his heart, "I fear that you are rather smart And from this day you are to start... Being gifted."

I think I turned six shades of green And developed pains down to my spleen. I asked, "Whatever does it mean? This word 'gifted'?"

He said, "You have a high I.Q. I wish, my child, that I were you! Why I'd give an arm or leg or two To be gifted.

My thoughts immediately went adrift And each idea I did sift. At last I said, "Give me my gift. Then I'll be gifted!"

He laughed for all that he was worth And nearly doubled up with mirth. "This gift you have you've had since birth. You've BEEN gifted!"

I thought and then when he was done I asked, "Am I the only one In this whole school or under the sun Who is gifted?"

He named the two or three percent Of students who to classes went. And then I knew just what this meant, About gifted.

It could be the best news I'd heard, But then I thought about a word And screamed, "But, must I be a nerd If I'm gifted?"

He laughed again when I was through. "My child, you'll always be just you But smarter than all except a few 'Cause you're gifted."

"Will I be perfect? Get all A's? Make the Honor Roll? Get lots of praise? Have no homework nights and easy days? Well, I'm gifted!"

"No, others may expect such things; Just do your best. Be sure it brings True joy to YOU! You'll soar on wings And enjoy being Gifted."

Parents: Please feel free to contact me through email with any questions or comments regarding the Gifted and Talented Pull-Out Program

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