ROAR: ACES' Positive Behavior Program

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Our History


During the 1998-1999 school year a core team of staff members at Amelia County Elementary School partnered with Virginia Commonwealth University Training and Technical Assistance Center to improve our school's overall student behavior.  The core team was developed in response to staff concerns about students behavior and the number of disciplinary referrals.  The team consists of classroom teachers, resource teachers, administrators, school psychologist and the guidance counselor.  After many,  many, hours of workshops and meetings the team created the R.O.A.R. Program to coincide with our tiger mascot.


The R.O.A.R.  program was implemented school-wide in the 2001-2002 academic year.  All staff(including bus drivers) and students were trained on how the positive expectations would apply to the targeted areas throughout the school.  When students display the positive expectations they may receive a paw. All staff members have their own paws and pouch.  Students can then redeem the paws at the paw store and attend special events. Booster sessions are held to provide assistance and further training on the expectations for those students having difficulty earning paws.
The core team has learned a great deal over the years while implenting the R.O.A.R. program.  We have tried to make the program easy to implement, solve problems as they rise, and keep children our first priority.  The team feels the program has had a positive impact on the children, and our school climate.  Visiting school systems have been very complimentary of our R.O.A.R. program.


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