ROAR: ACES' Positive Behavior Program

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What are paws?
Paws are positive reinforcement currency.  Students earn paws by demonstrating good ROAR behavior. 
At the beginning of each school year, we review our school expectations. Each child signs a pledge card, pledging to keep paws at school and to earn each paw. Children caught demonstrating appropriate behavior may be rewarded with a paw by anyone of our faculty or staff.

How does my child earn paws?
Just by demonstrating appropriate behavior in all areas of the school. There are many ways to earn paws such as: Being respectful, organized, appropriate, and responsible as well as being helpful, following directions, and much more.

What does my child do with all those paws?
At the beginning of the year, each child is given a paw pouch to keep his/her pledge card and his/her paws in.  Paw pouches are to remain in at school, in your child's desk.  At no time should a paw pouch come home. Students then decide to save or spend paws in the Paw Store. 
*Donations to the Paw Store are greatly appreciated.

Paw Pouch

K-2 Prize List (sample)

3-4 Prize List  (sample) 

K-2 Paw Store Show Case

3rd-4th grade Store Show Case

The Paw Store

What if I find paws in my child's book bag or pockets?
Just remind your child to take his/her paws back to school and place them in his/her paw pouch.

What are ROAR Events and how does my child get to attend?
ROAR Events are awesome celebrations to reward students that have earned (spent in the Paw store or saved) at least 100 paws each 9 weeks.
 Grades K-2 need 100 paws to attend.
Grades 3-4 need 100 to attend. 
 Each ROAR event has a creative theme.

What if my child did not earn enough Paws to attend the ROAR event?
Children that did not earn enough paws during a 9 weeks, attend a Booster Session. At the Booster Session, students play games and learn ways to earn paws.
The Booster Session are specific, behavior oriented, and allow the student to learn ways to meet the ROAR expectations. 
Booster Sessions are always positive and pro-active.


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