Altruistic Projects

Rescue Mission Wish List:

In addition to the items listed for each month below, the Rescue Mission has 
also requested the following things and any help we can give them I know 
will be greatly appreciated:

Big need – CHEF’S APRONS (the type of  aprons with the bibbed front)!  Our 
aprons really get the wear and tear here in Food Service.  We prefer dark 
colors, as they do not show food stains as much.

Tampons for the ladies in shelter.  We have lots of feminine napkins, but 
many prefer the tampons.

Fixodent, Polygrip, and denture cleaning tablets.

School supplies for our Back to School Blast on August 18th where we will be 
supplying 600 low income kids with back packs and supplies (need by August 

August: Deodorant, Hand and Body Lotion

September: City bus passes 

October: Deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste	      

November: Homemade pies, phone cards 

December: Homemade desserts, fastfood coupons, movie passes

January: Hair care products (especially for African Americans), bath soap

February: Bath towels, dish towels

March: Adult cold medications, other OTC drugs such as tylenol, antifungal 
cream, and RID for heaad lice

April: Zip lock bags (all sizes), paper lunch bags

May: Paper towels, napkins, tissues

June: BIZ laundry detergent

July: Shampoo, disposable razors

Disposable diapers are always welcome.


Altruism Projects for 2014-15

August     Back to School Supplies
September  Rescue Mission: diapers
October    ADK Month Treat & Habitat for Humanity
November   League of Older Americans:  unwrapped Christmas gifts
December   Rescue Mission:  fast food gift cards & ground coffee
January    Refugee & Immigration:  household items
February   Valentine's & Feeding America
March      Habitat Project - March 24
April      SPCA: dog/cat food
May        Rescue Mission: peanut butter, jelly, cereal, oatmeal