Theta Chapter

Alpha Delta Kappa is an international honorary organization of women 
educators dedicated to educational excellence, altruism and world 

To give recognition to outstanding women educators.
To build a fraternal fellowship among women in the field of education which 
will add to their effectiveness in the promotion of excellence in education.
To promote high standards of education and thereby strengthen the status and 
advancement of the education profession.
To promote educational and charitable projects and activities, to sponsor 
scholarships, to further and maintain worthy standards in the field of 
education and to cooperate with worthy community programs relating to 
education and charities.
To contribute to world understanding, goodwill, and peace through an 
international fellowship of women educators united in the ideals of education.
Alpha Delta Kappa was founded in 1947 by Agnes Shipman Robertson, Marie Neal, 
Marion Southall and Hattie Poppino, visionary women who saw a need to 
recognize and support the professional efforts of outstanding women educators.
More than 40,000 women educators around the world have discovered the many 
opportunities provided by membership in Alpha Delta Kappa — opportunities for 
recognition of their commitment to educational excellence, for personal and 
professional growth and for collectively channeling their energies toward the 
good of their schools, communities, the teaching profession and the world.
Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, Alpha Delta Kappa has more than 1,400 
chapters located in towns and cities in every state in the U.S., and around 
the world in Australia, Canada, Jamaica, Mexico and Puerto Rico.
Membership, which is honorary and based on peer recognition, provides a 
wealth of opportunities for leadership development and networking through 
workshops, training sessions, conferences and conventions. But, perhaps the 
greatest opportunity Alpha Delta Kappa provides is the opportunity to make a 
difference. Around the world, Alpha Delta Kappa members combine their 
energies and talents to enrich their lives and the lives of others through 
thousands of heartwarming, community-based altruistic projects.