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Curriculum Overview Fifth Grade

Motor Skills                        

It is expected that a student will:                                   
  • throw and kick a ball with force and accuracy
  • move to catch a ball
  • dribble a ball around obstacles using the hands and feet                              
  • strike a ball into a designated area
  • hit a moving object with a paddle or bat
  • jump a self-turned rope and a rope held by others
  • create simple games using various physical education skills

Physicial Fitness Experiences       

It is expected that a student will:                               
  • participate in activities that develop physical fitness
  • identify the different elements of physical fitness and how each impacts health

Basic Movement Skills

It is expected that a student will:
  • leap, slide, hop, skip, during physical activities
  • bend, stretch, twist, swing, during physical activities
  • move with control through space
  • move right, left, clockwise, and counterclockwise
  • balance while being still and while moving
  • perform various tumbling and gymnastics sequences


Responsibility and Cooperation

It is expected that a student will:
  • follow rules, procedures, safety practices and etiquette
  • demonstrate respect, teamwork, and sportmanship
  • cooperate with a group to complete an assignment
  • participate in activities from other cultures

Expressive Movement Skills

It is expected that a student will:
  • explore shape, pathways, speed, and force with a group
  • create and perform complex movement sequences
  • perform dances

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