Mrs. Smith -- 6th Grade English

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Today's Lesson and Upcoming Events

Lessons - Week of September 6th:

Wednesday:  Get to Know You activities

Thursday:  Pretest

Friday:  Library 

Lessons - Week of September 11th:

Monday:  Expectations, quick get to know you activity

Tuesday:  vocabulary - being system/flashcards
                  read silently 15 minutes
Wednesday:  Top ten cards

Thursday:  flashcards due, Top Ten cards work day, silent reading 15 minutes

Friday:  work on Top Ten cards, practice flashcards, organize spiral

Week of September 18th:

Monday: quality rubric and activity

Tuesday:  sentence structure - what makes a sentence, scrambled sentences

Wednesday:  Give out spiral rubric, fragments and run ons

Thursday:  Expanding sentences, finish T of C, work time

Friday:  Spiral due, vocabulary test #1, flashcards turn in again, begin vocabulary list #2

Week of September 25th:

Monday:  admin talk about JMS expectations

Tuesday: TBA (MAP testing in the morning for math) - 4th, 5th, 6th....?

Wednesday: sentence assignment --- combine using ING, flashcards due

Thursday:  Begin A to Z story --- rough draft

Friday:  rough draft due by end of period

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