Mrs. Flynn's, Mr. Snyder's and Ms. Major's Fifth Grade Class

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Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers to common questions of
students and parents.
  1. What is Manners Class?

What is Manners Class?

Manners Class is our way of helping students understand how their behaviors can
create problems for them as they progress in their school careers. If a
student behaves in a way that keeps them or others from learning or
demonstrates a lapse in manners, we require that student to attend Manners
Class. Rather than deal with these types of behavior issues during class, we
ask kids to stay in at recess so that we might discuss them in a more private
environment. At that time, we ask students to fill out a prepared form. The
form asks students to explain what behavior caused them to be asked to attend
Manners Class, what they were trying to accomplish with their behavior, how
their behavior might have affected others and give two, more appropriate ways
that they could have accomplished their goal. After the student completes the
form, we (Mr. Snyder, Mrs. Flynn and Ms. Major) discuss their answers with
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