Mrs. Flynn's, Mr. Snyder's and Ms. Major's Fifth Grade Class

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Communications Overview

During the month of September, fifth graders will have four homework writing
assignments. Those assignments will then be used as presentations for our
public speaking unit. 

Throughout September and October, students will continue
to improve their public speaking skills by giving a series of speeches to
their classmates. 

In November, fifth graders will be working in class to improve their writing
skills. They will be writing a series of five paragraph essays that will focus
especially closely on further developing their paragraph writing skills as
well as improving proofreading and editing skills. They will also learn how to
better use the Google Docs word processing application.

In December, January, February and March, Fifth graders will be learning how
to use the Google Slides application. Their first slide presentation will
center on aspects of their own life. A second slide presentation will be the
culmination of their state research projects. A third slide presentation will
be a part of a Social Studies Classroom Based Assessment (CBA) that focuses on
a local public issue.

In April and May we will return to essay writing, editing and proof reading.

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