Welcome to Ms. Higgins' 6th Grade Block Class!!

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Fourth Quarter is here!
The Notice and Note Strategies we are using in class..Notice-and-Note-Signposts-Sheet.pdf

Thursday, April 24:
*Last day of Literature Circles!!

Wednesday, April 23:
*Reading: "The Great Wall" text: fluency, comprehension questions
*Grammar/vocab: astro/astra; graph/gram
*Synonym/antonym review...prepare a memory game
HOMEWORK: Make sure all Literature Circle jobs/tasks are DONE

Tuesday, April 22:
*Social Studies: Time to work on CH. 27 Independent Project
*Reading: Time to work on Lit. Circle jobs/tasks
*Writing: Score "The Moon" text responses

Monday, April 21:
*Reading: "The Moon" text: fluency, comprehension questions
*Social Studies: Ch. 27 Research Assignment (due in two weeks)
HOMEWORK: Keep reading! Work on your Literature Circle tasks, too. :)

Friday, April 18:
*Grammar/Vocab: Prefix review "ex" and "in"
*Present/Communication: Individual presentations of your Greek God/Goddess and myth!

Thursday, April 17:
*Literature Circles!

Wednesday, April 16:
*Entry Task: prefix "ex" practice
*Social Studies/Writing: Finish your myth; prepare your presentation for Friday
*If time: Lit. Circle time....
HOMEWORK: Don't forget! Literature Circles are tomorrow. You must have your reading completed along with 2 vocab words, your Reading Reflection and job.

Tuesday, April 15:
*Social Studies Enrichment/Writing: Create your own Greek God/Goddess

Monday, April 14:
*Free Write: illustrate, diagram, write about your break....we will share shortly!
*Entry task: Describe the geography of Greece
*Social Studies:
Ch. 26: The Rise of Democracy; discussion of four forms of government
HOMEWORK: Continue reading, working on Lit. Circle jobs!
For those of you that need to, finish Ch. 25

Friday, March 28:
*Finish root/affix game!
*Social Studies: Research of Greek God/Goddess

Thursday, March 27:
Book talks
*Grammar Vocabulary:
Finish affix/root word review

*Social Studies: Research of Greek God/Goddess

Wednesday, March 26:
*Writing: finish cinquains, haikus
*Book Talks
Affix/root word review

Tuesday, March 25:
*Writing/Poetry: finish your Haikus, begin cinquains
*Odds/Ends: Literature Circle time, glue Sumi-E painting, affix/root work

Monday, March 24:
Writing/Poetry: Haikus!
*Social Studies: CNN Student News...note taking
*Reading: Book Talks
HOMEWORK: Book talks are due Thursday, at the latest!

Friday, March 21:
*Writing: Describe an experience where you showed bravery.
*Reading: Read an article about a teen who climbed the One World Trade Center illegally.  Using explicit evidence, make inferences about the boy and the situation.
*Share: your plot stories from Wednesday...eek!

Thursday, March 20:
Literature Circles!

Wednesday, March 19:
*Preview: What do you know about Greece?
*Writing: Creative write...picture snapshot to prompt your story. Must have a plot: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution
*Reflection: discuss yesterday's performance of "The Odyssey".  What traits of a hero did Odysseus represent?

Tuesday, March 18:
*AM Block: finish painting!
Lit. Circle time
Redesign seating arrangement
*All 6th grade: OJP at Washington Center for Performing Arts
"The Odyssey"

Monday, March 17:
*Socratic Seminar: complete reflection on process
*Ancient China: Sumi-E painting...overview and paint!

Friday, March 14:
Socratic Seminar: Facebook article
Sum-E painting!

Thursday, March 13:
*Literature Circles!
HOMEWORK: make sure you bring your Facebook article and corresponding handout!

Wednesday, March 12:
*Reading/communication: Article on Social Media...annotate, respond to prompts, generate questions....Discuss!
*Grammar/Vocab: Root/prefix/suffix practice!
Context Clue practice/review

Tuesday, March 11:
Sub in AM
*Social Studies/Communication: present Prezi; provide Rose/Thorn for each student
*Lit. Circle: Time for reading/jobs
*Grammar/Vocab: Root/prefix/suffix practice!

Monday, March 10:
*Social Studies: Finish Prezi presentation re: Ancient China Inquiry
*Reading: Time for Lit. Circle reading/jobs

Friday, March 7:
*Computers: Continue working on Inquiry!

Thursday, March 6:
*Literature Circles: Our first meeting!
HOMEWORK: AM Research questions are due Monday
                          PM Research questions are due Friday...tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 5:
*Social Studies: Continue working on Inquiry research
*Library: Discuss/agree upon a Lit. Circle book!

Tuesday, March 4:
*Social Studies: Get your computer and start working on your inquiry! Ancient-China-Inquiry.doc

Monday, March 3:
*Social Studies: Ancient China research questions...a bit of time to work on these!
*Ancient China: A film on the Forbidden City
                           Chinese Writing bookmarks
*Discuss/Decide Lit Book: With your group, decide on what book you will read for our first round of Lit. Circle meetings
HOMEWORK: AM block--China questions due Monday, March 10; PM block--China questions do Friday, March 7

Friday, February 28:
*Social Studies: continue Ancient China questions
*Vocabulary: root/prefix/suffix practice
*Library: browse Lit Circle books; check out personal books

Thursday, February 27:
*Writing: free creative write based on two images...make sure you include exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution!!
*Social Studies: Work on Ancient China questions