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HyperStudio/Powerpoint Appearance and Content : Holidays Around The World


Teacher Name: Mrs. Ortlieb 

Student Name:     ________________________________________  

CATEGORY  4 Excellent  3 Good  2 Satisfactory  1 Needs Improvement
Content - 
4. Accuracy  All content throughout the presentation is accurate. There are 
no factual errors. 
3. Most of the content is accurate but there is one piece of information that 
might be inaccurate. 
2. The content is generally accurate, but one piece of information is clearly 
flawed or inaccurate.  
1. Content is typically confusing or contains more than one factual error. 
Amount of Information -  
4. All topics are included and all questions are answered.  
3. All the topics are covered, but some questions are not answered. The 
material is lacking one or two key elements.  
2. All the topics are covered, but most questions are not answered. Project 
is missing more than two key elements.  
1. All topics not covered or most questions are not answered. Project is 
lacking several key elements and/or has inaccuracies. 
Spelling, Grammar & Content -  
4. Presentation has no misspellings. It has complete sentences with correct 
capitalization and punctuation. Very well organized information.  
3. Presentation has 1-2 misspellings, and mostly has complete sentences with 
proper capitalization and punctuation. The writing has well organized 
thoughts that flow together.  
2. Presentation has some errors in writing. Some sentences are incomplete or 
over 3 misspellings. Information looks to be somewhat organized. 
1. Presentation has many errors in writing which include more than 2 
grammatical and/or spelling errors. The writing has incomplete sentences and 
unorganized information. 
Presentation - 
4. Creative way of presenting information. Speakers are enjoyable to hear and 
presentation is well planned.  
3. Both partners take turns. Presentation is well planned.  
2. One partner does most of the talking. Some idea of what to say or do. 
1. Only one partner speaks. Presenter doesn't speak clearly and doesn't seem 
to know what to say. 
Cooperation - 
4. Group delegates tasks and shares responsibility effectively all of the 
3. Group delegates tasks and shares responsibility effectively most of the 
2. Group delegates tasks and shares responsibility effectively some of the 
1. Group often is not effective in delegating tasks and/or sharing 
Power of Persuasion -
4. Presenters have used many facts from their research. They were creative in 
how they convinced the audience. You feel very convinced their celebration is 
the best.  
3. Many facts are used from research. Convincing is adequate. You feel that 
their holiday is one of the best.  
2. Some facts were included. There is little convincing and some creativity. 
You feel that their holiday is somewhat interesting but not one of the best.  
1. Little if any facts were mentioned. No convincing was used. No creativity 
in presentation. You don't feel that their holiday is interesting at all.  

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