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ABC's of Mrs. Sugg's Class





Don't let this year be a mystery.

Here are the ABC's of what to expect in Mrs. Sugg's Class:

A is for Attendance

It is very important for your child to be in school everyday and on time. I thank you in advance for your cooperation. :) 

B is for Birthdays

When it is your child's birthday, you may bring in a small treat for them to share with the class on their special day. Please let me know in advance. 

C is for Concerns

If you have ANY  concerns at all throught the school year, PLEASE do not hesitiate to contact me.

D is for Dismissal

If your child is going home a different way than normal, please remember to send a note to school so I can complete a transportation change.

 E is for EOG's

This is the first year that your child will have to take the End of Grade test. We will work very hard this year to ensure that they will be ready in May!

F is for Fluency

Please read with your child daily. It helps them to practice reading with ease, smoothness, and flow...otherwise known as fluency.

G is for Graded Work

All of your students graded work will go home during the week in their TRIBAL Guide.

H is for Homework

Your third grader will have homework Monday-Thursday. It will mainly be math along with 20 minutes of reading, and their spellers choice activities.

I is for Incentives

There will be a lot of incentives for your child to do well this year, while making learning fun at the same time. Most of the incentives can be found under the 'Survivor' link on our website.

 J is for Just try it!

In Room 305 we try to promote an atmosphere of safety. I am not afraid to make mistakes, and I want my students to feel the same. It's ok to make a mistake and no one is perfect. So even if a student is struggling, I would still like them to just try it.

K is for Kindness

There is a ZERO tolerence for bullying at Ben Quinn, and in our classroom as well. We will spend a majority of the first few weeks of school doing team buiding activites as a classroom. Students are expected to be kind to each other in our classroom and outside of our classroom.

 L is for Library

Our classroom has an extensive collection of books most of which I have purchased and others have been donated. I allow students to borrow one book at a time to take home to read. If your child has one of these books, please make sure that they are treated kindly.

 M is for Matrices

There are behavior matrices throughout the school and in our classroom. Misbehavior will not be tolerated.

N is for Newsnote

Every Monday in your child's TRIBAL Guide I will send home a newsnote with information such as what we are doing in class that week, spelling words, important dates, etc.

O is for Open House

Our classroom open house will be sometime in September. I hope to see you all there!

P is for Progress Reports

Your child will receive a progress report each nine weeks. If you ever have questions about how they are doing in class, please contact me.

Q is for Questions

Please do not hesitate to contact me this year with any questions that you may have. Also, please encourage your child this year to ask a lot of questions so that they fully understand what is being taught. 

R is for Responsibility

Third graders are in that transition year where there are more expectations put onto them, and there is a big focus on having your third grader become a responsible student.

S is for Survivor!

This is our classroom theme this year! We will spend our third grade year traveling the world to different jungle locations while having fun learning in the process!  :o)

T is for Teamwork

In our classroom 'family' it will be very important for all of us to work together as a team this school year to make your child's school year as successful as possible.

U is for Uniform

Please make sure that your child comes to school in the proper uniform every day. If you have any questions about the uniform policy, please refer to the BDQ website. 

V is for Volunteers

I am always happy to have any parent volunteers from parties to making copies. PLEASE  let me know if you are interested in volunteering in our classroom!  :o)

W is for Website

Please bookmark our classroom website for future use. There will be pictures, student work, and helpful sites for your child to practice concepts that we are learning in class. Also, if you can ever think of anything that you would want to see on our site, please let me know.

X, Y, and Z

It is X-tra important for your child to have a successful Year. I will do my very best to make their year fun and exciting. It will seem as though your child's third grade year will Zoom by! 

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