Classroom Information


Each child must have a small snack each day.  Please pack your child's 
snack in a separate bag from their lunch. 

Lunch can either be brought from home or purchased at school for $2.85 per 
day or $14.25 per week.  Milk may be purchased alone for 85 cents per day 
(or $3.25 for the week).  If you are sending in money for either lunch or 
snack, please send the money in an envelope clearly marked with the 
following information:

                               Child's Name
                               Teacher's Name
                               Amount Enclosed

If you are writing a check, please make it payable to "Whitsons".  The 
children will still be eating lunch on half-days, so please 
send money with your child on those days.  If you are sending a drink from 
home, please send a juice box or thermos only, no glass bottles or soda 
cans.  If you would like to purchase ice cream, the cost is $1.00.  Please 
send ice cream money in an envelope separate from the lunch money.  our
scheduled lunch time is from 12:50 - 1:30.
Please place all notes in your child's folder, inside the left pocket.  I 
will check and empty the folders everyday.  If you have access to e-mail, 
you can contact me via e-mail.  This is probably the most immediate way to 
receive a response from me, as I check it multiple times per day.  My e-
address is:  You can also click on the mailbox 
icon on the homepage to send me an e-mail.

If you are planning to pick your child up from school on any given day, I 
must have a signed and dated note from you that morning.  If I do not 
receive a note, your child will be sent home by means of their regular 
transportation.  If your child is having a play date with another child in 
our classroom, both parents should send a note in verifying this 

Our specials are on a six-day schedule.  Each day is given a letter A-F.  
Please click the "Schedule" icon to view our class schedule.  I will also 
post a weekly schedule under the "Announcements" heading.

                                                      Field Trips
Our class will be going on a variety of field trips throughout the year 
enhance our curriculum.  Individual permission slips will 
be sent home a few weeks prior to each trip.

                                                       Wee Deliver
Each student in the class will have an opportunity to deliver the Wee 
mail.  Our Class Wee Deliver Address is:

                                    Woodland School
                                    c/o "Child's Name"
                                    Wee Deliver
                                    Sumski Street - Route 2
                                    51 Johnston Drive
                                    Morristown, NJ